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For those who are not familiar with the Listservs, they are a wonderful way to announce events, get questions answered, and learn a lot about a topic. Basically, someone on the list sends a message which is automatically sent to every one else on the list. Many lists offer a digest version which collects individual messages and sends them all out in one big message, very handy on active lists where there can be hundreds of messages a day.

The Trackers Listserv

The Trackers Listserv discusses all aspects of wilderness survival, tracking and Earth philosophy, as related to the Trackers school and Tom Brown. It is a must for anyone interested in these topics. The digest version comes out about once or twice a day.

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To unsubscribe, click on the appropriate link above and use "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.

Archives of the list can be found at: http://www.ecl.wustl.edu/~andrew/Trackers/Digests/

The Primitive Skills List

This list is maintained by Dr. AF Bourbeau, a Professor of Outdoor Pursuits at the University of Quebec. This list treats primitive skills very scientificly, any message dealing with spirituality is sure to be flamed. Altogether a great resource with a lot of knoledgeable people. As of now, the list is not available in digest form.

Subscribe to the Primitive Skills Group. Include
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in the subject line, with nothing else in the message.

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Visit the list's homepage at: http://pages.infinit.net/afb/priskar1.htm

The Throwers List

The Throwers list covers anything you can throw: spears, atl-atl, boomerangs, axes, slings, but mostly knives. A good resource for learning about primitive weapons and construction techniques. To my knowlege, no digest is available, but it is a fairly low volume list.

To subscribe, mail list-server@pylon.pillar.com, with NO SUBJECT and only the words "SUBSCRIBE THROWER" in the body of the message.

Visit the Thrower's home page at: http://www.crl.com/~mjr/thrower.html

The Flint Forum

Thanks to Richard Sanchez, A new and improved list has been set up! It will cover the tools and techniques of flint knapping, as well as sources and announcements of knap-ins.

To subscribe in real-time, send mail to FlintForum@USA.net, with the subject "SUBSCRIBE" and nothing else.

To subscribe to the digest version, send mail to FlintForum@USA.net, with the subject "SUBSCRIBE DIGEST" and nothing else.

To Unsubscribe from the list, follow the steps above, substuting "UNSUBSCRIBE" for "SUBSCRIBE".

The archives of the previous list can be found here.

Earthway E-Group

The Earthway E-Group is comprised of a community of those who care about the environment. Discussions focus on tracking stories,survival,y2k,outdoor adventures, just good stories and other manners of conserving and/or protecting Mother Earth. Members also receive updates and information on environmental issues, news and service trips.

To subscribe, send a message to earthway-subscribe@egroups.com or go the the group's home page at http://www.eGroups.com/list/earthway


From Steve Mizrach, the creator of the list:
  "NAT-TECH is for the discussion of the relationship between technology and indigenous people. Possible topics might include new technological initiatives by indigenous groups, or the social and cultural impacts of technology on native people."

To subscribe to the list, send mail to nat-tech-request@crstis2.crst.nsn.us with "SUBSCRIBE NAT-TECH" in the body.

Weapons List

This list deals with weapons of all sorts, including slings, blowguns, spears, boomerangs, clubs, and the like. The easiest way to join is to go here and fill out the form.

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